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How Solar Panels In Aberdeen Help The Environment

How does solar PV work?

  • 1. Sun’s energy converted into DC voltage by PV panels on roof
  • 2. Inverter converts DC voltage into ‘useable’ AC voltage
  • 3. Generation meter records production
  • 4. Electricity generated used in household appliances during the day
  • 5. Unused electricity fed back into National Grid

We hear in the news all the time how fossil fuels are running out and energy prices are going up. This will continue to happen, and only get worse. The time has come to start looking into other means of powering your home or business, and solar panels in Aberdeen are the perfect solution. Once installed on your roof or another suitable location, solar PV in Aberdeen will go on generating energy from the sun for years to come. This is free energy, and you could even get financial assistance for your solar panels.

Here at Greener Energy Group, we have been installing solar panels in Aberdeen for many years and we would be delighted to arrange your installation for you at your convenience. We think you will be shocked at the price of installation in a good way, but even more shocked at the savings you could make year in and year out. What’s more, you could also receive additional income through the Feed In Tariff. Basically, any energy you don’t use in your property can be sold back to the National Grid.

25 Year Guarantee On Solar Panels In Aberdeen

The solar panels in Aberdeen we have chosen for our customers come from some of the best names in solar panel products. All panels come with a 25 year guarantee as standard and offer excellent results. Even on a cloudy day, your solar PV in Aberdeen will go on generating electricity. This is why they have become more and more popular in Scotland – we certainly have our fair share of cloudy days. Of course, sunnier days will generate more energy, but it’s good to know you can benefit from your solar panels all year round.

When you choose solar PV in Aberdeen, you are not only reducing your energy bills, but also your impact on the environment. Freeing yourself from your dependency on fossil fuels is one of the best things you can do for the environment, and we would be delighted to show you some statistics on the benefits that solar panels have in this respect.

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