Hybrid Air Source Heating System

Integrate a gas boiler with an air source heat pump and get £8000 cashback from the Government!

Takes Only 60 seconds!

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  • Improve homes energy efficiency
  • Future proof your home and protect yourself from unpredictable price increases
  • Lower your carbon footprint
  • Simple 1–2-day installation
  • £8,000 cash back grant available
  • Interest free loans offered
  • Increased lifespan of both products
  • Certified with the “quiet mark”

How Does a Hybrid Heat Pump System Work?

A hybrid heating system integrates a gas boiler with an air source heat pump, using smart technology to automatically determine the most energy efficient system to use based on current energy prices, outdoor temperatures, and indoor heat capacity. By making the most out of both systems, hybrid air source heating improves energy efficiency and safeguards your home from potential price increases on both electricity and gas, reducing your reliance on the unpredictable national grid and lowering your energy bills.


The use of a hybrid heat pump takes advantage of renewable energy extracted from the air and can achieve up to A++ efficiency to heat the home and provide hot water. Using a hybrid air source heat pump system means you will have reliable heat all year round and ensures you will always be using the cheapest, most efficient option. By incorporating a renewable source of energy, you reduce the carbon emissions of your home, and your own personal carbon footprint.

Mrs Brogan shares her experience of installing solar panels, battery storage and a gas hybrid heat pump

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Pay by several methods including in full, or you can spread the costs with low monthly payments including 0% interest free options or even buy now pay later.

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