Heat Pump Funding Schemes: What is Available for Scottish Homeowners?

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Heat Pump Funding Schemes: What is available for Scottish homeowners?

The UK Government have set out their plan to phase out fossil fuelled heating systems by 2030. This is all part of the goal to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and with home heating accounting for 15-20% of emissions in the UK, tackling the way we heat our homes is vital to achieving these targets. To encourage homeowners to make the switch from traditional means of heating their homes such as oil or gas boilers and electric heating, towards renewable heating, there have been funding schemes introduced to make the swap more financially do-able. In this post, we will breakdown the funding schemes available for Scottish homeowners in comparison to other parts of the UK.

The boiler upgrade scheme was announced in 2021 as part of the Heat and Buildings strategy, which includes £450m worth of funding allocated to install an expected 90,000 air source heat pumps over three years. The Government scheme offers £5000 to homeowners in England and Wales towards the cost of upgrading to the low-carbon air source heat pump system as of April 2022.

In Scotland however, the Government offers almost double, with a £8000 cashback scheme through the organisation, Home Energy Scotland.

Home Energy Scotland’s (HES) Cashback Scheme – Receive up to £8000

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The Scottish Government currently offer a cash back grant of up to £8,000 as well as an interest free loan of a further £2500 to install an air source heat pump. This can either be a standalone heat pump to replace a full heating system, or a heat pump installed as part of a “hybrid” system to combine with a boiler to give you the best of two systems. If your current boiler needs replaced, Greener Energy Group will install a replacement boiler at cost price if installed at the same time as the heat pump.

How to know you are eligible for HES Cashback?

To qualify for the cashback scheme, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in Scotland
  • Must be a homeowner
  • Use a Microgeneration certification scheme (MCS) approved installer.

How do I receive the money?

Home Energy Scotland administers the funding and will pay the money directly into your bank account. You will receive 60% before your installation and the remaining 40% after your installation.

Where do I start?

You may be considering an air source heat pump, and want to take advantage of the best funding available to you… but where to start?

At Greener Energy Group, we have a knowledgeable team of staff dedicated to pre-installation paperwork, who will calculate both your expected fuel savings AND the cashback payment you will qualify to receive before you have your Air Source Heat Pump installed. You will have several home surveys with our experienced technical team to determine firstly whether the system is going to benefit you, and then to have a system uniquely designed to meet your property’s needs. Our team are experts in navigating each client through all funding scheme application’s and have procedures to ensure the process is as quick and smooth as it can be.

Take our 60-second survey to find out if a heat pump would benefit you and if you are eligible for £8000 cashback, and make the first step to a greener home, and lower energy bills!

60-Sec Home Suitability Survey

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