How Advanced Electric Heating Technology Far Surpasses Efficiency Of Conventional Heating

Times and technology change rapidly. Energy is getting more expensive, and our customers want economical warmth. This is why we have overhauled our technologies in recent years to make sure we can offer lower-cost warmth with a more pleasant heat distribution. We are able to do this as we use an organic fireclay brick storage system. We customise this to the size of the room to be heated therefore heats the room up very quickly thanks to convection.

Conventional heaters & german electric heating comparison

Wibo german electric heating system

With this German electric heating system, you get a pleasant & even heat distribution down to the floor, thanks to a unique air circulation system with secondary storage.

Conventional heating

In comparison, high-temperature conventional heating has some disadvantages

  • Heat build-up under the ceiling
  • Cold air on the floor

Wibo structural principle

The cooled air is drawn up from the floor and then released into the room as cosy warm air thanks to the high- performance heating module of the WIBO heaters. This warm air is pushed upwards via the warm air outlet (convection), and via the secondary storage system in the form of radiant heat.

Our storage core is not the main provider of heat; it offers optimum warmth and energy output in combination with convection.

Cross-sectional view

Both convection and the secondary storage mass are coordinated perfectly with one another in each heater so that only around 12 minutes of electricity consumption are needed per hour of heating.*

*In test results, to heat a room to a constant temperature of 20.5°. Verified by study on Sept 2015, by the Centre for Integral Building Technology of the University of Lucerne, Switzerland – Technology & Architecture.

Shaun Woods

Shaun is one of our heating & renewable product experts, who you can rely on for the most up to date information in the industry.

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