The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021

The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021

With the growing crisis of climate change and the Governments introduction of the aim to meet net zero carbon by 2030, there have been new advances in green technology to help people both become more eco-friendly and save money at the same time. In order to meet the net zero targets, we need a transformation on how we live our daily lives to reduce carbon, and this can be enabled by technology. A green technology is any product or service that improves energy efficiency or sustainability in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment. There are thousands of new green technologies using renewable energy or smart software to achieve this aim, and more being developed every day, but we have narrowed down the top ones – tried and tested. Do you want to be a sustainable consumer and save money at the same time? Do you love new technology? Keep reading to find out the best eco-friendly products of 2021.

Smart Water Filter

, The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021, Greener Energy Group
We all know that globally, we overuse plastic, and plastics that cannot be or will not be recycled leading to littered seas. The plastic that has been floating around in our water for hundreds and thousands of years mean that the tap water we drink contains microplastics. Whether aware of this or not, many people prefer bottled water, and so purchase single-use plastic water bottles to avoid drinking from the tap. Smart water filters such as this one by rOcean, can solve this issue, by attaching to your tap and filtering out over 99% of microplastics, mercury, chlorine, VOC’s and over 75 other contaminants that can be found. By making tap water perfectly clean and filtered will combat the issue of single use plastic for water at home!

Solar Powered Products

, The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021, Greener Energy Group
Global demand for electricity is set to double by 2050, and so a transition to renewable energy is key to any net zero strategy. The most effective and simple way to save energy and money would be to install solar panels to your home, and advances in the technology means you can also install a storage battery, to store solar energy for use at any time even on cloudy days. This can make your home run its electricity on its own renewable energy generated itself and save you up to 70% on energy bills.

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If you are not a homeowner, or for any reason solar panels would not be suitable, there are so many new gadgets and technologies using the power of solar you can make use of! Here are some of our favourites:

Solar Backpacks

, The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021, Greener Energy Group
– Solar backpacks have solar panels sewn into them which are linked to internal charging devices allowing you to charge any USB charged technology. They are the perfect solution for people on the go to charge their gadgets whether travelling, hiking or camping.

Wireless Keyboard

, The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021, Greener Energy Group
– Minimise electricity used to power your computer by using solar powered accessories. There are many solar wireless keyboards that will charge from either the sun or artificial light and even keep charge for up to 3 months!

Solar Powered Brick Lights

, The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021, Greener Energy Group
– Using solar bricks allow you to pave your drive or garden with lights powered by renewable energy. Its smart, simple and easy to install with no wiring!

Smart Power Strips

, The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021, Greener Energy Group
When left on standby, most electronic devices will waste electricity while doing nothing, costing you extra on bills every year while enlarging your carbon footprint. A smart power strip uses technology with a unique circuitry that will discern the drop to standby, and stop power being transmitted from the outlet to the device. For example, when you turn of the TV, the smart strip will block power to any game consoles, cable boxes etc that are connected to the TV. These strips are no more expensive than a traditional power strip used to extend the outlet to numerous devices and using them will save you a significant amount of money. Not only this, reducing the energy usage in your home will allow you to lower your personal carbon footprint without even trying.

Air Source Heat Pump

, The Top Eco-Friendly Technologies of 2021, Greener Energy Group
Would you believe us if we told you you could create heat for your home from thin air?

You can!

An Air Source Heat Pump is a renewable energy system used in homes to provide heating and hot water. The system technology works like a refrigerator but in reverse. It extracts heat from the outside air and transfers it into the home to heat traditional radiators or underfloor heating – even in temperatures as low as -20 °C! The system is up to 4x more efficient than a traditional boiler and cuts energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Even better, in Scotland you can receive a non-repayable grant of up to £13,900 to install the renewable system.

Sound too good to be true?

Hear from hundreds of customers who have had the product installed!

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These are just some of the amazing new green technologies that are available for you to become more eco-friendly and do your bit for the environment. Whether making bigger changes to your home with renewables such as solar panels, battery storage and air source heat pumps, or using some impressive gadgets on your next camping trip, there is plenty of ways you can get involved in eco-friendly technology. For more information on how you can make your home eco-friendly and save money on heating and energy bills at the same time, contact us today!

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