Cost of Solar panels in Scotland – Is it Worth it?

Are you interested in investing in solar PV panels for your home in Scotland? Maybe you’re considering setting up solar energy for your business. There are plenty of great reasons why solar panels, UK and elsewhere, are cost-effective and reliable for generating clean electricity for years to come. But how much do UK solar panels cost? Let’s find out in this post.

What is the Cost of Solar Panels in Scotland?

Essentially, the cost of a UK solar panel system in Scotland is always likely to vary.

There are going to be factors in play such as:

  • the type of panel you install
  • how big your PV systems are in the first place
  • the size of your household
  • the size of your roof
  • how many kw of power you opt for

Generally, you will expect a solar power system in Scotland in 2020 to cost on average around £7,000.

This is based on installing solar power for a home of around four people. This is based on 5kw of power.

This helpful table below courtesy of Green Match can help you see the rough costs of installing solar panels and the savings you can make:

System SizeEstimated CostsNumber of PanelsRoof SpaceAnnual Electricity Bill SavingsSavings after 25 Years
3kW panel system£5,000 – £6,0001222 m²£160£5,993
4kW panel system£6,000 – £8,0001629 m²£270£9,240
5kW panel system£7,000 – £9,0002032 m²£320£11,088
6kW panel system£8,000 – £9,0002443 m²£430£14,533

table credit to Green Match

Ultimately, this is just an estimate as to what you can expect from your solar PV panels.

Solar panel installations in Scotland and elsewhere can seem expensive to begin with, however, there are some amazing savings and cost cuts along the way which make it all worth it.

Is the cost of solar panels going down?

Yes! As more homes and business start investing in renewable energy, the overall cost of solar panels is always set to go down.

Data shows that there’s been a drop of around 10% per year in terms of solar PV costs since 1980.

This also falls in line with statistics that show installing solar panels in Scotland is 61% cheaper now than it was ten years ago.

Solar panels in Scotland can seem quite costly at the first instance. However, the fact is they have never been cheaper.

This is largely thanks to the fact that technology used to harness and promote renewable energy is advancing.

What’s more, demand for solar panel technology is increasing! It’s not just in Scotland where people are taking up solar panels in an effort to save money on their electricity bills.

In Australia, for example, the technology and PV panels in general are rife!

How Can you Save Money with Solar Panels?

Of course, one of the main reasons people invest in solar panels in Scotland is that they offer great chances for you to save money on your electric bills.

This will vary from home to home, of course, but it’s a key reason why there has been so much interest growing over the past 25 years.

All you need to do is set up a solar panel array, and capture rays from the sun. These will then make sure to convert energy into usable electricity. This uses an inverter, which will work to convert DC power into AC.

Without any kind of battery or storage system on-site, you will always only ever run off the energy you generate directly from solar panels.

That said, there will be an extra cost for homes in Scotland to set up a battery on-site. That said, a solar PV system running off sun energy alone will likely save you between £120 and £130 each year on a 4kw basis.

How can You Make Money With Solar Panels?

This is where the feed in tariff comes in. The feed in tariff will allow you to make money by giving electricity to generate over to the National Grid. You could make around £80 per year if rates stay low.

You can also make money from the government based on your FIT rate. This means that the government may pay you as much as £400 per year to simply run this type of energy at home. You don’t even have to sell it back to the National Grid.

However, each case will be different – keep an open mind before you install any kind of solar panels for your Scotland property!

Are solar panels worth it in the UK 2020?

The short answer to this question is, Yes! The price of a solar panel system in Scotland has never been lower.

As established, there are still great ways for you to make money back from solar power, too.

Solar panels can help you cut back on what you pay on bills.

What’s more, people across Scotland use solar panels and solar power to sell electricity and energy to the Grid.

When you take a look at some of the latest technology and most popular solar panels you can see why there has been such a massive boom in the past 25 years

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