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Solar panels are the most popular home renewable energy source in the UK, with over 1 million homes already enjoying the benefits of solar power.

By harnessing the power of the sun, you will be able to convert natural light directly into usable energy that can be used to power and heat your home.

If you live in Scotland and are looking to enjoy lower electricity bills and a reduced carbon footprint, all whilst increasing the value of your home should you wish to sell, contact Greener Energy Group today, and our expert team will be delighted to help you start your solar journey.

What are Solar Panels?

Solar panels are constructed of many cells made up of layers of a semi-conducting material such as silicon.

When light shines on this surface electricity is generated, which can then be used to power appliances around your home.

Despite common misconceptions, solar panels can still be highly efficient even on a cloudy day and do not require direct sunlight to operate, although naturally the stronger the sunshine the more electricity will be generated.

In ideal conditions, when exposed to strong sunlight, each solar panel in a standard home roof solar power system will generate around 355W of energy.

Typical solar systems in Scotland are comprised of about 12-25 panels depending on the needs of homeowners and generate direct current (DC) energy.

As solar panels produce electricity that is DC and the electricity used to power home appliances is alternating current (AC) you will need to have an inverter installed when you install solar panels on your roof.

The energy generated by solar panels can be used in a number of ways either instantly powering home appliances, being sold back into the national grid, or being stored in a pre-installed storage battery for future use.

What are the benefits of solar panel installation?

Reduced Bills

With the price of energy in the UK at an all time high, and no signs of a downward trend anytime in the near future, many homeowners across the country are desperate to find a way to reduce their monthly bills.

Solar panels are one of the best ways to do this, as once you have paid for the initial installation, you will be able to enjoy completely free, clean year round energy.

This will not only instantly reduce your annual electricity bill, but will also offer you some protection against any future price hikes as part or all of your energy will be coming from an off-grid source.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

If you are considering installing solar panels, it is likely that you are interested in doing your bit to help tackle the current climate emergency.

Solar electricity is a low carbon, renewable energy and it is estimated that a typical home system could save around one tonne of carbon every year.

Every single kWh of solar that is generated helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 and other damaging pollutants.
Home energy in the UK is a major contributor to the country’s total carbon emissions and by installing solar PV panels on your property you will be able to save money whilst significantly reducing your carbon footprint and doing your bit to help save the planet.

Increase the value of your home

Solar PV systems are seen as a sign that a house is future-proofed and are one of the details that make a building more attractive to potential buyers.

For this reason, having panels or similar renewable technologies installed, can actually increase the value of your home when you come to sell.

The size and current electricity rates at the time will influence how much of an effect solar PV panels will have on the value of your home, but it is estimated that a standard system will add around 4% to the sale price.

Sell Unused Energy

With the government pledging to reach net zero by 2050, there are several incentives in place to encourage people to make the switch to more renewable energy sources.

One such scheme is the Smart Energy Guarantee (SEG), which requires major energy providers with over 150,000 customers, to offer a tariff, allowing owners to sell any unused energy back into the national grid that they generated through sunpower.

Solar panels mean, therefore, that you will not only be able to generate your own electricity but also ensure that nothing ever goes to waste.
There is no minimum rate that must be offered under SEG, however, so ensure that you do your research to ensure that you are receiving a competitive price.

Easy Installation

Solar panel installation has been easier, and professional solar panels installers will have your entire system set up in just a day or so.
Once installed, solar panels are almost maintenance free with no moving parts to go wrong, and should last for as long as 25 years.

Solar Battery

One of the best ways to maximise the effectiveness of your solar PV panels is to install a storage battery alongside.

During periods of high supply, in the middle of the day, solar photovoltaic systems generate far more energy than is consumed by the average home.

By installing a storage battery you will be able to store this excess energy for use when supply is lower at night, reducing or even eliminating your reliance on grid electricity.

If you are looking to become truly energy independent and enjoy lower energy bills by producing as much renewable energy as possible, installing a Pure Storage Battery alongside your solar panels is a must.

On average, a storage battery will increase the utilisation of renewable energy produced by your solar panels from 30% up to 85%.

Why Choose Greener Energy Group?

Greener Energy Group have been providing fantastic energy saving solutions to customers across Scotland for over 30 years.

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