Join us and Plant a Tree with Greener Energy Group!

As part of our #MakingScotlandGreener campaign, we have an exciting partnership with Trees for Life.


Since January 2014 through installing renewable and energy efficient systems, along with our customers we have already made a reduction of over 12,000 tonnes of Co2 which equates 606.200 trees.

However, at Greener Energy Group we are always looking for ways that we can do more. So, we thought why not even further our increase in the reduction of carbon emissions and plant ​REAL trees – in Scotland – every day!


As we all know, trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen in its stead, helping global warming and ultimately providing for a cleaner, healthier, ​greener,​ ​Scotland.

, Making Scotland Greener, Greener Energy Group
This is why we are now planting a tree for every energy assessment we carry out and each customer who receives a quote from us will also receive a personalised certificate with a tree dedicated to their name.


Trees for life are a dedicated company striving to revitalise wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. Their mission a-lines with ours in wanting to make a difference to Scotland and ultimately make Scotland greener! Why not join us and start your journey to making a difference and #MakingScotlandGreener.


Visit the Greener Energy Group grove ​


, Making Scotland Greener, Greener Energy Group

Why Plant Trees?


Help fight the climate crisis: ​By removing CO2 from the atmosphere and locking it up, trees help to combat climate change. Recent studies have found that trees may be the best way to stabilise our climate.


Preserve native trees: ​Trees for life grow and plant rare and endangered trees such as aspen, dwarf birch and woolly willow. These trees are not usually commercially available because they are hard to propagate and demand is low.


Create wildlife habitat: ​Trees provide important habitats for wildlife and are fundamental to the survival of many species; wildlife such as the red squirrel, capercaillie, black grouse, otters, osprey, golden eagle and the Scottish crossbill.


Trees bring people together: ​Your trees will likely be planted by volunteers, some of whom join from mental health charities who aim to bring people together in nature to improve wellbeing.


More about Trees for Life


Trees for life are a conservation charity dedicated to ​rewilding​ the Scottish Highlands. They currently have 44 established tree planting sites and have planted nearly two million trees. They are passionate about their mission is to provide space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive.

, Making Scotland Greener, Greener Energy Group
What exactly is Rewilding?

Rewilding enriches the landscapes, wildlife and people who call these places home. It is about working with nature, natural processes and seeing human activity as a part of an intricate system in which everything is connected.


Trees for life believe that the key to rewilding is people. People to enable it, people to gain from it and people to enjoy it. That is why we want to involve our customers in this project as part of our Making Scotland Greener campaign not only for the benefit of the Highlands but also for the feel-good factor that comes with it!

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