Latest News on Air Source Heat Pump Funding in Scotland

In recent weeks, air source heat pumps have gained national news attention after the latest announcement from the UK Government on their plan to phase out fossil fuelled heating systems by 2030. This is all part of the goal to meet net zero carbon emissions by target 2050, and with home heating accounting for 15-20% of emissions in the UK, tackling the way we heat our homes is vital to achieving these targets. While there has been recent news of £5000 for homeowners making the switch to renewable heating, many people are unaware of the current funding available of up to £13,900! Here we discuss the new scheme and give details of the more favourable scheme that is available in Scotland today.

About the Boiler Upgrade Scheme: £5000 grant from April 2022

The new boiler upgrade scheme was announced as part of the Heat and Buildings strategy, which includes £450m worth of funding allocated to install an expected 90,000 air source heat pumps over three years – much less than the target of 600,000 per year that was set in the Prime ministers plan last November. The Government scheme offers £5000 to homeowners in the UK towards the cost of upgrading to the low-carbon air source heat pump system as of April 2022.

Current Funding Scheme available: UP TO £13,900 UNTIL MARCH 2022

Latest News Air Source Heat Pump Funding, Latest News on Air Source Heat Pump Funding in Scotland, Greener Energy Group

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was put in place by the Government body “OfGem” in 2011 with aims to reduce fossil fuels and to increase the number of homeowners using renewable technology to heat their homes. The RHI will pay a subsidy of up to £13,900 to any homeowner who installs an Air Source Heat Pump (non-means tested), so long as the installer holds the relevant certifications.
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The amount you are eligible for is based on the kilowatt hours (kWh) required to heat your home, which will determine the type and size of the system.

This will be based on your heat and hot water demand outlined on your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which you will receive prior to your installation.
Many customers are not aware of the current RHI scheme, and focus has switched to the £5000 boiler upgrade scheme. We want to make clients aware of the current scheme that Is available, so they do not miss out on funding that is over double of what it will be in April 2022.
Latest News Air Source Heat Pump Funding, Latest News on Air Source Heat Pump Funding in Scotland, Greener Energy Group

Where do I start?

You may be considering an air source heat pump, and want to take advantage of the best funding available to you… but where to start?
At Greener Energy Group, we have a knowledgeable team of staff dedicated to pre-installation paperwork, who will calculate both your expected fuel savings AND the RHI payment you will qualify to receive before you have your Air Source Heat Pump installed. You will have several home surveys with our experienced technical team to determine firstly whether the system is going to benefit you, and then to have a system uniquely designed to meet your property’s needs. Our team are experts in navigating each client through all funding scheme’s application’s and have procedures to ensure the process is as quick and simple as is can be. But… you must ACT FAST! The RHI will end in March 2022 and the boiler upgrade scheme is likely to act as a replacement, meaning funding will reduce significantly.

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