Hybrid Air Source Heating

Hybrid Air Source Heating

Air Source Heat Pumps are efficient and effective for home heating and hot water, and while we advocate this system to be installed to fully replace systems powered by fossil fuels, we understand that this does not always suit every property.

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For those on mains gas, switching to a full electric air source heat pump system may not be financially beneficial. However, if you want to future proof your home and protect yourself form the unpredictable energy rises AND do your bit for the environment, a hybrid system could be a perfect option. Even better, there is currently funding to cover 75% of the cost to install this system and the rest can be paid with an interest free loan.

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A hybrid heating system combines the gas boiler, with an Air Source Heat Pump. The technology integrates both heating systems, using smart programming to automatically determine the most energy efficient one to use based on energy prices, temperatures, and indoor heat capacity. By making the most out of both technologies, a Hybrid Air Source Heating system can help save up to 35% more energy than the traditional boiler could alone.

The use of a hybrid heat pump takes advantage of renewable energy extracted from the air and can achieve up to A++ efficiency to heat the home and provide hot water. Using a hybrid air source heat pump system means you will have reliable heat all year round with the boiler taking over in cold temperatures and the heat pump taking over when it is warmer preventing you from using unnecessary gas.

Hybrid Air source Heating Installation

Benefits of a Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump System

  • Simple Installation: The compact design of a hybrid heat pump makes it the ideal system for renovations and replacing old boilers. The system requires minimal installation space and can be connected to existing pipework and radiators seamlessly meaning you can get the benefits of an Air Source Heat Pump without the need to replace the entire system.
  • Higher Energy Efficiency: Using a combination of a heat pump and a boiler means your system will be more energy efficient as it is able to automatically switch between the two units depending on what is best at that time. In most cases the heat pump will save money during the summer months and the boiler will take over and cost less to heat during times of low temperature. To put the efficiency of an Air Source Heat Pump versus a boiler into perspective, a heat pump operates between 300-400% efficiency while an efficient boiler rarely operates above 94%.
  • Future Proof your Home: The energy market has never been more unpredictable, and by installing the hybrid air source heating system, your home will be able to switch between gas and electric depending on what is cheaper at the time, so you are never left relying on one single fuel source.
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint: Carbon emissions are the number one cause of climate change, and when we burn fossil fuels such as gas, oil or coal in our home we are massively contributing to the issue. Using renewable technologies such as Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Panels are not only financially beneficial but also helps the environment and aids in fighting climate change.
  • Funding is Available: As the UK Government are aiming for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, there are currently options available to receive funding for installing renewable systems! You can contact us to find out how you could have the 75% of the system funded.

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