Heat Pump With Gas Boiler

Heat Pump With Boiler

A hybrid heat pump system uses a combination of an air source heat pump and a traditional gas boiler to provide maximum energy efficiency.

The reason that a hybrid heating system is such a brilliant option is that it allows those who live in large or poorly insulated homes to take advantage of renewable energy even if an air source heat pump alone may be unable to meet the entire heating requirements.

At Greener Energy Group all our hybrid heat pumps come equipped with the latest smart technology, allowing the system to automatically determine which heat source to use based on outside temperature, and current energy prices in order to maximise the energy efficiency of your home.

Why Are Heat Pumps Needed?

With the UK Government pledging to reach net zero by 2050, and home heating accounting for around 20% of the country’s total carbon emissions, reducing fossil fuel use by installing renewable heat technology is essential.

One of the best renewable heating options available are heat pumps, that take advantage of natural heat to produce clean and almost completely free heat energy, as opposed to the burning of fossil fuel that releases harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

In most situations, air source heat pumps are the best option for combining with an existing gas boiler, but hybrid systems can also involve other renewable technologies such as a ground source heat pump, a high temperature heat pump, or solar thermal panels.

How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Air source heat pumps work by harnessing the heat energy found in the outside air, and using it to provide heating and hot water to your home.

The air to water heat conversion process works in a similar way to your kitchen fridge but in reverse.

Firstly, the outside air enters the pump, which will be installed on the outside of your property, before being blown over a network of tubes filled with a liquid refrigerant.

The heat in the air warms the refrigerant until it turns to natural gas which is passed through a compressor to raise the temperature further.

Finally, the hot gas enters a heat exchanger surrounded by air or water that is subsequently heated and either circulated around your home in the form of heating or hot water or stored in a hot water cylinder for future use.

Although you may not think that there is much heat to harness in the middle of the Scottish winter, air and ground source heat pumps can operate at temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius, although at a reduced efficiency.

Pros of Combining a Heat Pump and a Boiler

Both traditional central heating and renewable heating such as air source heat pumps, have a range of benefits for homeowners to enjoy.

The great thing about a hybrid system is that you not only get to enjoy the advantages of each unit, but also both combined.

Ultimate Efficiency

The nature of a hybrid heating system is that only the most energy efficient unit will be operating at any time.

Renewable heating systems are generally much more efficient than a fossil fuel boiler and for this reason your air source heat pump will generate the majority of your hot water and heating throughout the year.

Air source heat pumps can achieve efficiency levels of 300-400% meaning that for every 1 unit of electricity used to power the pump 4 units of heat are produced.

In comparison, electric heating can only achieve 100% efficiency whilst even the most efficient brand new gas or oil boiler can usually only produce a maximum of 94%.

However, in lower temperatures, it may be that you would achieve a better efficiency level by utilising your existing boiler to generate heat and fuel your hot water system.

With a hybrid heat pump, your smart control system will identify this to be the case and automatically switch between units, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and an option you wouldn’t have if you relied on a single heating supply.

Lower Energy Bills

Better energy efficiency and a much reduced reliance on fossil fuels mean that combining a boiler with an air source heat pump will significantly reduce your running costs.

Gas and electricity prices skyrocketed across the UK in recent years, and ever tightening restrictions being placed on gas and oil usage are only going to see tariffs rising further in years to come.

Whilst you will still have to pay for some gas or oil with a hybrid system, especially during the winter months, your bill will be nothing in comparison to what it was previously thanks to the almost free energy produced by your heat pump.

It is estimated that the average homeowner could slash their energy bills by a massive 50% by adding an air source heat pump into their existing home heating system.

Government Funding

Another reason that installing an air source heat pump is a financially appealing idea is that the government will actually pay you for the energy you produce.

In a bit to reduce the carbon emissions produced by home heating and meet their climate pledges the government introduced the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) which pays owners of air source heat pumps and other renewable heating solutions for every unit of heat energy they produce on a quarterly basis for up to 7 years after installation.

This means that with a hybrid heat pump, you will not only reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to saving the planet, you will get rewarded for doing so.

Easy Installation

Unlike when replacing your entire heating system, incorporating an air source heat pump into your home is simple and easy for an expert installer.

Heat pumps can be fitted alongside existing pipes, radiators, and underfloor heating with very little disruption, leaving you to enjoy your new heating in no time at all.

Cons of Combining a Heat Pump and a Boiler

No heating solution is perfect and there are a few potential negatives associated with combining your current boiler fuelled heating system with an air source heat pump.

Not Quite Emission Free

Unlike heating systems fuelled solely by renewable technology, a hybrid system is not completely emission free although your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced thanks to a lower dependency on gas and oil.

Long Term Investment

The longer you have your hybrid heat pump installed for the better value it becomes.

However, it can take several years for the initial installation cost to be recouped in the form of reduced energy bills.

For this reason, despite renewable technology contributing to a slightly higher property value, installing an air source heat pump may not be worthwhile if you intend to move on in the near future.

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