Greener Energy Groups Guide to a Money Saving Winter

Winter is most definitely here, with temperatures dropping and the hours of daylight little. But cosy nights and dark mornings can put a big strain on your finances – even before the Christmas shopping begins! Not only will you be using significantly more energy to power your home, but we are also currently still experiencing the increased gas and electricity bills to add to the mix. However not to panic – in this post we have gathered a checklist of simple ways you can make sure you are saving what you can this winter, and helping reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Guide to a money saving winter, Greener Energy Groups Guide to a Money Saving Winter, Greener Energy Group1. Make the most of natural heating

Even in the coldest winter months, there can be days full of bright sunshine. During the day, opening curtains and blinds of windows or glass doors that face the sun will act as a natural way to heat a room and as a result, reduce the need for central heating.

2. Insulate

The Energy Savings Trust estimates that the average semi-detached home could save £160 a year by having cavity wall insulation, and £140 with up to 27cm of loft insulation. As well as this, it is worth considering upgrading windows to double glazing and making the investment to save on heating in the long term.

3. Be Conscious of Wasted Energy

Guide to a money saving winter, Greener Energy Groups Guide to a Money Saving Winter, Greener Energy Group

At a time when electricity prices have massively spiked, you should be conscious of energy going to waste if you want to save money this winter…
Here are some simple tips to cut down on electricity easily:

  • Stop leaving appliances on standby: According to research by the Energy Saving Trust, between 9-16% of electricity consumed in homes is wasted on powering appliances in standby mode.
  • Wash clothes at 30 degrees – This can use around 40% less electricity over the course of a year
  • Switch off lights you don’t need and use energy-saving light bulbs: an LED bulb that uses 5 watts of power will perform the same as a traditional bulb that uses 40 watts

4. Control your Heating

Guide to a money saving winter, Greener Energy Groups Guide to a Money Saving Winter, Greener Energy Group

Heating and cooling in the home accounts for up to 48% of a home’s energy consumption (Source: Department of Energy). If you are still using outdated storage heaters or traditional oil or LPG boilers, it may be time to replace with an energy efficient solution to save on bills while benefiting from more comfortable heating. The Government are currently offering funding of up to £13,900 (non-means tested) to upgrade to low carbon heating, but this is only available until March 2022.
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If your homes heating system is not needing replaced, you can simply turn down your main thermostat just one degree and cut your energy bills instantly, and you may not even feel a difference in temperature! This simple action can reduce bills by £80 a year on average, with savings expected to be even higher during the current energy crisis. If you don’t already have a smart thermostat, you should consider installing one to take control of your heating and increase energy efficiency.

5. Rearrange your Furniture

Guide to a money saving winter, Greener Energy Groups Guide to a Money Saving Winter, Greener Energy Group

It may sound simple; however, you would be surprised at how many people choose to hide radiators with furniture. Blocking radiators with couches and beds will trap heat and prevent your system from heating the home effectively, in turn increasing energy usage and bills. So, while you’re decorating your house with tinsel and trees, have a think about rearranging your furniture to allow a cosy winter without turning up the thermostat.

Save energy, save money
So, there you have our top 5 tips to ensure your home stays cosy over the winter months, without increasing your bills massively. Some are small and cost you nothing, some will involve an initial investment, but all will work to reduce your winter bills in some way. If you need advice on the most efficient heating system for your property, get in touch with our team and get all the information you need. Don’t forget, the Government incentive in Scotland of up to £13,900 to install eco-friendly heating is only available until March 2022 so you need to act fast. You can find out if your home would benefit below.


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