An Electric Future: How Renewables are Evolving to Make our Planet Sustainable

The International Energy Agency has stated that renewable energy is expected to make up 30 percent of the world’s energy by as soon as 2024, driven by renewable projects that are being rolled out at a rapid pace. This is only a few years away, think of the massive changes that can be implemented in the future!

, An Electric Future: How Renewables are Evolving to Make our Planet Sustainable, Greener Energy Group

What will an electric future look like?

Picture this… the buildings around us will be producing their own energy for their heating, their homes electricity and to feed their electric cars. This will be made possible by the impressive range of renewable sources already available such as Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV and Battery systems. Cities will be quieter and the air we breathe every day will be cleaner, because there will be no engines polluting the environment with dangerous co2 from burning fossil fuels. Soon we will be able to charge our cars in five minutes, and with battery technology we will evolve to allow electric cars to go even further. Even the batteries can be made sustainably and can be over 90% recycled!

The price of electricity and heating produced by fossil fuels is ALWAYS increasing and always will be over time as fossil fuels become harder and harder to come by. In the last 12 years electricity bills have increased by 54%! This is why switching to a renewable system like an Air Source Heat Pump to power your home is so beneficial and why it is becoming so popular. For homeowners in Scotland, solar panels coupled with solar battery storage is also creating massive returns on investment, and even better, this energy can be used to charge your electric vehicle.

Power of Solar and Battery Storage

, An Electric Future: How Renewables are Evolving to Make our Planet Sustainable, Greener Energy Group

Installing solar panels to your home, means you can use the sunlight, to generate energy to power your home. Typically, when it is dark and there is no sun light, you will need to purchase electricity from energy providers. However, with the newest battery technology, you can use a battery storage system to avoid this problem! When your solar panels are generating electricity that you may not need to use straight away, the battery storage system allows you to convert this energy into AC power that can be stored and used whenever its needed. This means that at times, you could be getting your energy for FREE and not relying on the National Grid. During hours of darkness, when solar panels are not generating electricity, your system will draw the energy stored earlier from the battery and use it to power your home.

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Air Source Heat Pumps – Giving you Heat from Thin Air

, An Electric Future: How Renewables are Evolving to Make our Planet Sustainable, Greener Energy Group

Air source heat pumps are impressive renewable units that can absorb heat from the outside air and use it to heat your home and hot water . They can still function like this and extract hear when air temperatures are as low as -20 degrees Celsius. Demand for Air Source Heat Pumps are growing, and homeowners throughout Scotland are becoming familiar with the benefits of installing these systems and the current Government schemes available to give financial support in order to do so. Plus, the fact that they leave almost a non-existent carbon footprint has captured the attention of climate change enthusiasts.

In summary, we are well on our way to a more sustainable, electric powered future, and from Government funding to impressive new technologies and renewables, this is being implemented every day. There is no better time to go electric and get involved in renewables than now, while funding schemes such as the Government RHI are still readily available. Join us and take the first steps to building a healthier and more sustainable future for your children, grandchildren, and the generations to come.

By Carla Chalmers

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